Minggu, 26 April 2009


You feel are at the saturation point with your partner? (husband / wife). To enter the relationship that has been a matter of years this could happen, because the habits or routines that occur almost every day is same.Some tips I can share for you, may be able to refresh your relationship back with your partner:

1. Start from yourself .Try to learn to restore the feeling of love like the first time you love him.
2. Try to restore the beautiful memory that you and he had to do with, for example, visited the place - a romantic place and you never visit him, or open the sheet images - photos memories where you feel the beauty of time with him, (such as engagement or wedding photos) without you aware, you will go back into memory and feel the happiness that comes back.
3. Never expect your partner can continue to follow your wishes - again. Masing2 remember that individual differences are with nature and ego. Make a difference in the beauty in your relationships.
4. Try not to pry - an error that bob up and down your partner ever done. Because it will only increase the burden your own.
5. If in your emotions as much as possible to avoid tandem, if you need to go out for the hanger itself. And never dump all the result of a problem to your partner.
6. Try to see your husband / wife face when he/ she sleep. Try to see the calm, the feeling and will see the pair face the real you - straight. Make sure the hearts of your people that he is right for you, that you still love and need them.
7. Sometimes you can give a little surprise to your partner, surprise not only can be provided through a gift or valuable objects. You can invite him a dating , or imply the romantic word to him a time will leave work or to give the touch , a touch of another time with him that you never did before, (do not expect respond.)
8. Net togetherness with romantic situations and communication in any way and as often as possible.

I share tips in part based on personal experiences and I try some more simpulkan's story - the story of my relationship.
Hopefully useful for you to read it ......

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