Minggu, 27 Desember 2009

Paris Hilton Clothing Collection Save to Children

Socialite Paris Hilton does have a sense of high fashion, and has collected a lot of clothes in her closet. It was from a collection of these clothes, she deliberately kept a few items to be given to the girl.

Hilton hotel heir was said, never wearing the same clothes twice. For that, a former lover Benji Madden is giving a lot of her clothes collection for charitable purposes. However, he still retain some special items for her. Such as the People Legal Reporting, Tuesday (22/12/2009).

"A lot of charitable requests, so I sent a lot of clothes to be auctioned. I also give a lot of clothes for projects that work in downtown Los Angeles, such as the Salvation Army. In addition, many of my teenage cousins often invaded my closet. I keep some items in storage for a day given to my daughter, they can choose from several pieces of clothing that was extraordinary, "he said.

Paris also said he a big fan of sensational singer Susan Boyle. Especially with his latest appearance after he had given advice on how to improve the style looking for 48-year-old woman was.

"I just saw some photos of him (Boyle) recently, and I think he was makeover would be very unusual, looks great, and far more confidence. He has an amazing voice. With so much talent, but he do not really care what she wears, "he told British magazine Hello!

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